The Deadly Truth About Sugar

sugar photo

This is not going to be easy, but we’ve got to stop sugar-coating it. You have heard time and time again that too much sugar is bad for your health; you make conscious choices to eat healthier and keep an eye out on your sugar intake. Well, we hate to break it to you, but the deceptive nature of the food-industry is ultimately sabotaging your health and overall wellness – and this is directly related to sugar.  More specifically, it has become a priority of the sugar industry to manipulate sugary products in a way that triggers our body’s natural processes of addiction, resulting in never-ending sugar cravings. Over the past few decades, health experts have placed a high importance of limiting high intake levels of sodium, fats, and carbohydrates – essentially ignoring the dangerous effects of sugar itself. Despite the acceptance of myths regarding saturated fats being the most harmful ingredient in food items, America continues to showcase trends of failing health and increased obesity.

The most interesting revelation of all is not the serious effects sugar has on our health, but the deceptive lengths that the sugar industry takes in order to continuously promote their harmful, yet profitable products. The exact amount of sugar that goes into your cereal, granola bar, or jelly beans is far from accidental; in fact, the industry makes a point to scientifically calculate the exact mixture of ingredients that will make consumers long for a sugary food item. This specific craving is known as the Bliss Point; the Bliss Point is the result of a magical formula induced by consuming a combination of sugar content that then overrides your brain’s desire to stop eating. As a result, sugary processed food becomes even more addictive – because resisting them to start with isn’t enough of a challenge. The moral of the sugar story is this: if and when you decide to treat yo’ self, don’t let those sneaky sugar-scientists trick you into ruining your health. Sugar is sweet, but wellness is sweeter.

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